Friday, April 24, 2009

Enjoying Spring

Hubby & I are enjoying Spring down in Southern BC. We left on Wed. at 3:15am and drove the 15 hours to the Hotel I had booked for us in Vancouver. Look at how pretty these tulips are. The day we left Fort St. John, we were just ahead of a Spring Snow storm...I'm enjoying the tulips more :)

Yesterday Hubby had to do a bunch of running around, taking care of some things for his aged Mom, who depends on help so she can remain in her apartment in the Manor. I decided to stay in the city and go across False Creek to the Public Market.

Today we started with a coffee and then a stroll along a tree lined sidewalk to Robson Street where shopping is prime.

Can you see the new little leaves budding??

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hippo chick said...

Oh Faye, what fun! The tulips are beautiful. Someday I want to visit Vancouver too.

~hippo hugs~

Cheryl Wray said...

Looks like a wonderful trip.
And, yes, thank goodness for the warm weather and the flowers!!

Dagmar said...

Hi Faye,
Nice photos, I am headed to Vancouver on Wednesday to visit with my son and his wife and staying aboard my girlfriends boat in False Creek for a few days......Hope the weather stays great. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog...Happy Spring!!