Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Apologize....

...for the past couple of posts being about food and causing excessive drooling. What can I say??? We did much more than eat, really :P
Today is a absolutly gorgeous, warm Spring day. We have yet to see much green but the plans for this coming weekend is to spend time outside and stain both porches and the windmill on our front porch. Hubby is planning to seal the paved's going to look so black and clean.....for about an hour until we repark the car with dusty, dirty tires...but it'll keep the pavement better than without. Personally I think that'll be enough sun time for me....don't want to burn, tee-hee!
I just got home from a huge grocery shop. It was so needed since I hadn't bought any since going south and we were pretty much out of everything. That's always such a chore. I use Environmental recycled bags and love them for all sorts of things, however if they are not packed properly, they can be very heavy. Thankfully Hubby is home and could haul them in for me.
Hope all of you are enjoying this Spring weather to some extent.