Monday, April 20, 2009

My house is back in shape and quiet again. We had a very lovely weekend and enjoyed our grandkids immensely. I've noticed that both kids need "Grandpa" time and will tease and bug him until he grabs them and wrestles a bit or he sits and plays with's very endearing to watch. At the drop of a hat the kids will go scrambling to hide and love it when Grandpa can't seem to find them...LOL!

A fav thing for them is us getting into the car and going thru the Drive-Thru for coffees for us and Iced Tea and doughnuts for them. Then we go wait in line at the car wash. We pull in to the car wash and the kids just love the tri-color foam wash and the high pressure wash/rinse....and the grand finale of the commercial blow-dryers. Yes, it's an adventure for the kids and cheap entertainment for us :)
We got home and attacked the inside of the car, pulling dirty mats out tom be washed down, washing the inside of the windows and hubby vacuuming front and back floors. I love leather seats for the ease of cleaning them.

In the meantime the kids played soccer out on the lawn....oh the joy of the mountains of snow melted away.
Anyway, it was fun, but now I savour the quiet evening.