Monday, April 27, 2009

Vera's Burger Shack


We asked the Concierge where to go for a really good burger. He suggested Vera's Burger Shack. Off we walked in search of the best Burger in town :)

What we found was an eclectic, small, sport-themed Burger joint.

With the NHL being in the play-offs right now, Hockey was the big topic. After ordering your burger (we ordered the special...Drunk Chicken Burger with a side of onion rings...the really yummy Beer batter ones) and sat to wait for our order for 10 minutes while the burger is freshly grilled. The atmosphere is upbeat, loud and fun. What you can't see in these pics are the pics on the wall of guys braving the challenge of who can eat the largest Burger....the winner is a guy who downed a nine patty Burger...OMG!!

And there we are....not for those afraid of a bit of fat, nor for the Vegans out there. But these burgers and onion rings were to die for and we will be hitting that Burger Shack again....Mmmmmm!!

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