Thursday, April 16, 2009

Warm Sunshine

Spring has arrived in Northern British Columbia. It's gloriously sunny and warm and promises to be that way for the upcoming weekend. We have our grandchildren over tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, Sunday and Monday before/after school and we plan on doing some yard clean-up while they kick around a ball or ride their bikes.
Dad & Mom came for tea this afternoon. Mom had just come from a Doctor's appointment, where he had to fill in a form, stating that Mom is still able to keep her Driver's license. Mom is an insulin dependant Diabetic, so she needs to have Doctor's sonsent to continue driving. Being an insulin dependant Diabetic myself I can appreciate the reasoning behind this, although I can't imagine having to give up my license. I would feel more than grounded!!
Yesterday I went through my closet and pulled out all our summer clothes packed away for the winter and washed and put away witer clothing. I was brutal in getting rid of worn clothing as well as the ones that don't fit properly anymore. I was ruthless....and discovered that Hubby for sure has a very small wardrobe left and I'm not that far behind....ugh!! Of course going shopping is a dream, but right now we weren't wanting to spend money on clothes....but one does need
Enjoy this season of new growth and shedding heavy clothes and wiggling our toes in sandals :)


hippo chick said...

Hey Faye,

I had to buy some new things last year because of weight loss. YEA!!! I'm hoping for more before winter.

Have fun with the grands and maybe you can put them to work a little too.

Enjoy your sunny weekend.

~hippo hugs~