Sunday, May 3, 2009

In the Process...

.....of a major Spring job. Major for me anyhow :P We're staining the front and back porches as well as the Windmill. My batteries died (of course, just when I was all poised to snap pics) so, while we go pick up more stain, I'll throw batteries into the cart. I can't wait to be finished!! We started yesterday and are almost done with the spindles and railing and then the second coat rolled onto the steps and porch and we're done. Tomorrow Hubby will rehang the mailbox and some small things we have hanging off the porch in the summer. We also screw the windmill onto the porch, since we've had planters go missing from our yard....and the windmill is too precious to me to have it stolen. I have stained it as close as possible to Delft (Dutch) blue, with white blades. It turned out so nice and will contrast nicely on the porch.
So, pics are coming :)