Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Tale About....



Let me tell you the little Tale of our wee black car. She was parked in the Rona parking lot, patiently waiting for her Master to buy porch stain. She saw him coming out of the store when....BAM!!....Ouch....what was that?? When she opened her eyes there was big Brutus of the F350 family. She saw the pain was coming from her nose, teeth and ribs. Her Master stood in shock, wondering why Brutus would do such a thing to such a sweet, innocent and faithful girl. He discovered that Brutus' Master was just being very distracted and didn't notice his little girl and backed right into her face.
After all the confusion, she was now wearing a blue brace to keep her nose, teeth and ribs all together until she could be taken to the car hospital to be treated and fixed. All the car hospitals in the towns surrounding home were going to make her wait in the waiting room for 8 weeks, so Master is going to drive her to the big city down south. Little car has made this trip many, many times and enjoyed the scenery and the Docs in the hospital there treat her with such care.
Little car and Master are driving down next Monday and while car is in the hospital Master is flying back home to be with Mistress until car is all better and then he'll fly back down so he can drive her back home again, after plastic surgery to fix car's hood, grill and bumper (that's the medical terms they use).
Pray for Master and car that no complications come during the trip to Abbotsford or during car's surgery.
(for those who need an interpretation: F350 truck backs into Ford Focus, crumpling the hood and grill and splitting thru the bumper...ouch!)

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hippo chick said...

A very clever way of conveying a very sad story - for little girl.

~hippo hugs~