Monday, June 8, 2009

Tis the Season....

....for sunburns, if you do not carefully protect your skin. I know this...I mean, how often is it put before us in commercials, advertisements, signs posted at campgrounds and beaches....yet we seem to forget the discomfort, heat and damage sunburn does to us every year after the long winter passes. I'm just as guilty and did get sunburned yesterday while out visiting our son and his family at the campground. I didn't even sit out in the sun for long at all!! I certainly wasn't in a bikini, like this cartoon gal was(God spare the vision that would have been)...but still the UV rays penetrated thru the shade of the trees. I am on meds that make me sensitive to the summer sun, so I see I need to carry a bottle of sunblock with me anytime I'm going to be out for any length of time...lesson learned :)


hippo chick said...

I just had two spots on my face frozen by the dermotologist. I am really careful, but somehow, I manage to get these pesky spots. I preach to everyone I know about sunblock.

~hippo hugs~