Friday, July 24, 2009

Dog Days of Summer

It's a matter of perspective, based upon our geographical location, at what point on the thermometer we call "hot". If I were to say to my friend living in the Thompson/Okanagan region of BC that it's 29c, she would snort and say that it's 38c there, so what am I calling hot?? Now, I live in North-Eastern BC, and she lives Central-Southern BC....and in this province, that can make a huge difference!! So, for us here today, it's crept up to 29c and it's hot ot there, baby!! :P


hippo chick said...

Just catching up with you , Fay. I loved your post about dancing with God. How beautiful.

I, also, am happy to hear that the fires are out in BC. What a terrible thing.

Lastly, in the Northeast US, we have had practically NO summer and haven't felt hot yet. However, here in Las Vegas it is about 100 today. Actually, that is relatively cool for mid July.

~hippo hugs~