Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I found these questions over at Cheryl's Blog and thought I'd answer them too:

Two things that have made me laugh out loud since last I posted:
1. Hubby acting all silly.
2. Some goofy vacation pics.

Two favorite fast food restaurants:
1. Burger King.
2. Pizza Hut

Two snacks that are really good that you might not know about:
1. Cheryl mentioned Nutella on croissants....I like it on toast :)
2. Movie theatre popcorn(I rarely go to the Theatre, but did so a week ago and loved every kernal)

Two favorite Summer t.v. shows:
1. The Bachlorette
2. "The Closer"

Two things I'm looking forward to in the next week:
1. Visiting my parents and showing them all our Ontario vacation pics
2. being outside in my yard

Two lessons I've recently learned:
1. People are not looking for you to judge their behavior or decisions, but just offer support, whether we agree or not. We all need someone to talk to.
2. Forgiveness frees us more than the person who has offended.

Two goals I have for the coming days:
1.Getting some serious scrapbooking done
2. To enjoy each summer day, as summer is so short here.

Two "fun" things I've spent my money on recently:
1. Vacation to Ontario
2. A few new tank tops I so desperately needed.

Two things I'm dissapointed about:
1. that my one son has to struggle thru a divorce right's brutal!
2. I'll miss going to a friend's wedding.

Two sounds I hear right now:
1. Hubby listening to a podcast in the other room.
2. The garbage truck stopping by to pick up the garbage.

Now join in if you'd like. Answer all of them, answer the ones you like, ignore them completely, comment on my answers. But whatever you do, have a wonderful Wednesday! And oh yeah...

Two things I will say to you in closing:
1. Have a great Day!!
2. Remember to's as good as medicine to your heart!


Rach said...

I enjoyed your 'randomness' Faye .. and have to say a few ring true for me too. Especially the quotes!