Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up in Smoke

Sis years after the last big forest fire in West Kelowna, another fire broke out yesterday forcing 10,000 people to evacuate, BC Hydro shut down power to 4,000 homes, as of last evening 9 houses burned to the ground,the key highway through Kelowna to the Okananagan and the Connector highway to Merritt was closed,and so far, it appears the fire is spreading. CTV News reports "At least 45 firefighters, six helicopters, and eight airtanks were engaged in fighting the lastest fire on Saturday. Another 40 firefighters were reported to be on their way to the area." I pray that this wildfire is contained speedily so, unlike the wildfire of 2003, 239 homes are not destroyed again.


Anonymous said...

It's horrible about those fires in Kelowna! Aren't there three? We caught the news last night when we got home from camping. Hope they're not from arson!