Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Celebrating Our Province

We've entered the month of August, when temperatures can reach new heights, shimmering off all surfaces, distorting them into one huge blob of hot! Here August came shaking ang booming in on thunder storms, cooling the muggy air and allowing us to sleep through thte night and wake up refreshed. The lightening was Nature's fireworks, and prettier than any other firework show I'd ever seen. The sunshine is back, the sky filled with cotton-ball clouds and a gentle breeze setting my wind chimes singing it's song.What a wonderful start to this new month :)In BC we enteer each summer month with a Long Weekend - August boasts B.C. Day - celebrating 151 years :)
"The British Columbia Day Act was first introduced to the Legislative Assembly in 1974. The aim of the Bill was to create a statutory holiday on the first Monday in August to recognize the pioneers in the province and the act gained royal assent in 1996."
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Anonymous said...

I would love to move to Alberta, where there's only the 5% GST. Now the BC gov't wants to introduce a Harmonized Sales Tax next July, so that we pay 12% (and more after two years) on EVERYTHING (except some grocery items). Total crap and money grab.