Tuesday, September 8, 2009

To Remember Us....


I mae this lay-out for Dad and hung it where he can see it often to help him remember us. Maybe this is just for my sake, since I know that eventually he won't recognize us, but...
Since tis is the first day back to school for our B.C. kids, my grandson is entering grade 7 and my grand-daughter is entering grade 2. My youngest grandson is entering grade 1. Wow!!! Even though the first day of school is typically a 1/2 day, I heard lots of excited voices in the school yard this morning :)

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Mz.Elle said...

That's really sweet Faye. I love how you did it,nice layout and materials.

I love the excitment of the kids on the first day of school:)

hippo chick said...

Hi Faye,

I've been praying for all of you. I don't know that your dad will always know your name, but somewhere inside, I believe, he'll know you.

Jim and I are caregivers for a dear friend with Alzheimer's. She has no family and asked Jim and I years ago to be her Power of Atty and Health CAre Proxy. She is in a nursing home facility and though she can no longer tell me who I am, I know that she knows I belong in her life. That always makes my heart happy.

She was really in a low place when I came in today, but hugs and a chocolate milkshake seemed to lift her spirits. It sure did mine.

~hippo hugs~