Thursday, October 29, 2009

Spooky White Stuff....

It's great to be home again! Coming from lovely, sunny fall days and a couple rainy ones too, to cooler weather here at home. Today it's snowing and although we had seen some of this white stuff before I headed down south, it had melted away. Now it's sticking and although still fairly warm, I believe we'll have a white Halloween.
Here are a few special ones I spent time with while in the Vancouver area:

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunshiny fall leaves....

....are gently drifting to the ground, creating a carpet of color covering everywhere they land or blow to. It poured very hard yesterday and was so miserable and damp, but the sun made an appearance again today for us to enjoy. It was delicious to walk out in it and take deep breaths of the pungent air.
I'm ready to head home....I'm SO done with packing and dealing with the emotional side of aging parents. I feel so desperately sad that the parents who have sacrificed and stayed up with the worry over the years of growing kids, selfish teens and being a never-ending parent even to adult kids, have to go thru their twilight years having certain decisions taken out of their hands...but that's life I guess.
Anyhow, Wednesday I fly home and snuggle in for the long winter ahead.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Me :)

Yes, today it's my Birthday and although it's already the evening, with only a few hours left to celebrate, I'm still wearing the Birthday Crown from Burger King (ok, so I'm not really but I am in my heart..haha)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Great Gobble-Gobble Day....

Oh yes, I am as stuffed as the turkey and stuffing I ate...oh my!! I cannot believe I ate so much, but it's the most delish meal of the year :) AND....I got to have two turkey dinners :) I love all the other food that goes with the turkey & stuffing....mashed squash, brussel sprouts, corn, cranberries and more cranberries,wine, pumpkin pie with whipped cream(and lots of it, thank-you very much....Mmmm!!)
The flight down south was just perfect. Clear skies all the way, so looking down on the Northern Rockies and Hart Mountains was gorgeous. It's a bird's eye view we seldom see. Approaching the airport we flew over islands and pretty!! By the time I got my rental car it was dark and I can't say enough how awesome it is to have a GPS to guide me from the city into Abbotsford...makes for a far less stressful drive, that's for sure!
We had rain this morning but otherwise it's been glorious sunny, warm weather. I took Mom-in-law for a nice drive and we enjoyed the Autumn colors.
Oh, I must tell you about this little Nissan Versa I'm's such a peppy car, easy to drive with a sexy growl, cool blue and very cute. It's so fun to drive around....makes me feel rather spoiled :)
I'm meeting up with a fair amount of resistance from M-i-L and the worst part is that I can't blame her. It's a scary transition. If you think to send up a prayer, I'd appreciate it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh, how the days of Autumn fly....

Yes, it's truly me....still alive and kicking :)
How I have occupied hours and hours:
1)prepping my yard for it's winter hibernation
2)being the taxi driver for Mom, taking her to appointments, shopping, etc.
3)settling Dad into the Care Home and making the hour-long trip to visit him
4)mourning the 3rd Anniversary of my son's death
5)new knitting projects....scarves and baby blankets
6)watching the new fall line-up of TV shows
7)booking a trip south to move mother-in-law into a full care facility, leaving on Sunday

Yes, those are my excuses for slackin' off with my Blog entries. I really do hope to be more diligent with winter setting in and long hours spent indoors. And yes folks, we've woken up to snow a couple of times now. Is it going to stick now? Well, it is -5c, so I'm thinking it just may do so.
Happy Thanksgiving this weekend to all my Canadian friends and family. I hope you share precious moments with those you celebrate with.