Thursday, October 8, 2009

Oh, how the days of Autumn fly....

Yes, it's truly me....still alive and kicking :)
How I have occupied hours and hours:
1)prepping my yard for it's winter hibernation
2)being the taxi driver for Mom, taking her to appointments, shopping, etc.
3)settling Dad into the Care Home and making the hour-long trip to visit him
4)mourning the 3rd Anniversary of my son's death
5)new knitting projects....scarves and baby blankets
6)watching the new fall line-up of TV shows
7)booking a trip south to move mother-in-law into a full care facility, leaving on Sunday

Yes, those are my excuses for slackin' off with my Blog entries. I really do hope to be more diligent with winter setting in and long hours spent indoors. And yes folks, we've woken up to snow a couple of times now. Is it going to stick now? Well, it is -5c, so I'm thinking it just may do so.
Happy Thanksgiving this weekend to all my Canadian friends and family. I hope you share precious moments with those you celebrate with.


hippo chick said...

Hi Faye,

1. I really love your new header. It is lovely.

2. I continue to pray for you, your mom and dad as he settles in.

3. I will pray for you as you remember your wonderful son.

4. Have a safe trip south.

5. Happy Thanksgiving.

6. I, too, am trying to be a better blogger.

~hippo hugs~