Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunshiny fall leaves....

....are gently drifting to the ground, creating a carpet of color covering everywhere they land or blow to. It poured very hard yesterday and was so miserable and damp, but the sun made an appearance again today for us to enjoy. It was delicious to walk out in it and take deep breaths of the pungent air.
I'm ready to head home....I'm SO done with packing and dealing with the emotional side of aging parents. I feel so desperately sad that the parents who have sacrificed and stayed up with the worry over the years of growing kids, selfish teens and being a never-ending parent even to adult kids, have to go thru their twilight years having certain decisions taken out of their hands...but that's life I guess.
Anyhow, Wednesday I fly home and snuggle in for the long winter ahead.


Ms.L said...

You make Fall and the thought of Winter,sound so nice.

We'll be facing that task soon with my husband's parents. I'm dreading it.

hippo chick said...

Oh Faye,

I feel so for you. I am happy you are at least enjoying this beautiful fall weather. Prayers and hugs.

~hippo hugs~