Friday, November 20, 2009

55 Years

Yesterday was Dad & Mom's 55th Wedding Anniversary. This many years together deserves celebration, however it was a bittersweet day. My Brother, Mom & I went to the Care Home to see Dad and move him back into Fort St. John. The Special Care wing in the Pouce Coupe Care Home is moving all it's residents to the new Care Home in Dawson Creek. Because Dad was in the Pouce Coupe Care home on a temporary basis they cannot transfer him to DC, so he had to come back to FSJ, BUT there isn't a bed for him in the Special Care wing here, he has to be in the hospital again until there is one available. His name is next on the waiting list, however that means someone has to die first before there is a bed the meantime the entire 2nd floor in Pouce is's called Government cut backs....royally sucks!!
BUT...Dad & Mom got to spend the hour's drive back here sitting together in the back seat of the car and hold hands and enjoy each other. Each moment together is a treasure for them now.There is much to be learned from their story.


hippo chick said...

Oh Faye. That's all I can say. Bless you all.

~hippo hugs~