Friday, December 11, 2009


I am sad to say that Kitty is not coming to join our family. The owners decided to give him to a relative instead. We were SO disappointed, since we were so ready for him to come. We'll just have to keep searching.
We are certainly into winter now. The snow is getting deeper and the temperatures have dropped considerably. Most of British Columbia has been under Artic air flow and now getting snow. For us Northerners both are to be expected and we're prepared for it. Southern BC on the other hand gets thrown into discordant confusion, while traffic, pedestrians and snow-plows mingle into a cacophony of misadventure. But I can safely say that no matter where in this province you live, children are laughing in glee as they run out in the snow, constructing snowmen, snow forts, tobaggon down slopes with boiterous abandom, unconcerned with the bedlam around them. Maybe as adults we should throw off the frustration and join in the childlike delight of the season :)


Mz.Elle said...

That is such a bummer:( You must be heartbroken.
Your cat is out there..I just know it.

The last time I went out and played in the snow,I landed on a
huge rock..right in a very senstive I'd suggest making sure the path you take is smooth,lol
There is something to be said for zipping down a hill though!