Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Today Mom opened a Christmas card sent to her from her cousin. Out dropped this newspaper article of my Grandparents when they celebrated their 50th Anniversary. **by this time my Grandma was a Diabetic and Glaucoma had left her blind** By then we lived in BC, so Mom never made it to their celebration, since she still had small children living at home.
The other Hidden Treasure today was a necklace that Mom had my daughter-in-law make with the ruby stones, a Cameo and pearls given to Mom from her Aunt. Needless to say it is gorgeous and an heirloom. The Cameo has a clip on the back so I can remove it from the necklace if I want to.
I feel very rich right now :)

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hippo chick said...

What lovely treasures. Things like that are so terribly precious; full of memories.

~hippo hugs~

Mz.Elle said...

Oh wow! Your heart must have nearly burst out of your chest:)