Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Precious Moments

Forefront (l-r): Kathleen (youngest), Mom, Me (oldest girl), Rachel (second youngest), Rickii (niece)Wally (3rd oldest), Ed (5th oldest), Charlie (oldest), James (7th oldest), Theo (4th oldest)

Yesterday was a bittersweet day. It started out early with a family meeting at the hospital with the Doc, Long Term Care Coordinator and the Discharge Coordinator. It was difficult for us all to comprehend that there really wasn't a choice of options and recommended that both parents go into a Care home.
After that we got Mom dressed and took her out with us to their home, which is out in the country. We had an awesome time all together and Mom was able to tell us what she wanted each of us to have of theirs. We have a huge job ahead us, to sort thru and either pack or get rid of all their beblongings. Fortunately we have 9 sibs,with a 20 year gap between oldest/youngest, so there is lots to go around :)
We are snapping lots of pics and making the most of these days together.


hippo chick said...

All I can say is, "bittersweet". It is such a difficult thing to give up your family home. We did it when my mom passed and my MIL went into a care home. Prayers and hugs.

~hippo hugs~