Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Perfect day for a Manicure :)

I had promised Mom to take her for a shower this morning. I had a
rough night and was up quite a bit so I didn't wake up until 10:00am,
much to my horror. I rushed off to the hospital. When I arrived the
nurse had prepped a bath for Mom so I joined them and got Mom all
dressed nice and her hair washed. After that I polished Mom's nails
and got the nurse to make sure the foot-doc comes to take care of
Mom's feet. She is suffering an ingrown toenail...again!!
It wasn't long until lunch arrived and I decided to leave, but Mom
wanted me to stay longer....poor Mom, she really does hate the
hospital some days.
Her two room mates LOVED Mom's nails. I think it would be special to
polish theirs as well.

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hippo chick said...

Hi Fay,

My friend, Shelly, is undergoing chemotherapy treatments. While we were at the hospital last week, a lady came around and did nails for anyone who wanted. Shelly has artificial nails so didn't need it, but what a great idea.

~hippo hugs~

P.S. You are a good daughter.

Faye said...

Thanks Pam. My prayers and best wishes go out to Shelly. Something as insignificant as a manicure can really make someone feel better.

Dorothy said...

Awe this is a wonderful post, I just added my chemo picture to my blogging post as David had forgotten it, when I looked at it I couldn't believe I made it through those times.

Blessings and prayers, and thanks for visiting grammology
Dorothy from grammology