Sunday, March 7, 2010

I have been sick since Friday.....first one end and now the other (aren't you glad I shared?), but at least I have the opportunity to stay home and recoup.If I were a psychologist, I'd say that there is some depression thrown into the mix as well, which has made for a teary day. And so is the path of life. It leads over the hills, thru the valley and twists it's way along the stream.
The weather remains mild, sunny and gorgeous, with the smell of spring on the air. I am hoping that Mother Nature is kind to us and will not send more freezing, windy weather our way before settling down to spring for real. It's early for spring, but one will never grumble when we see the heads of crocuses or daffodils peaking thru the ground or hear the song of returning birds coming thru our open windows. To shed heavy coats, scarves and mitts and bulky sweaters and boots will bring a dance to our feet.
Come to think of it.....could it be that all I need is Spring time to arrive and chase the germs and the blues away??


hippo chick said...

Feel better soon.

~hippo hugs~