Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Sign of an Early Spring?

Here in Northern British Columbia we mark Spring according to the "Road Bans", not the calendar. What are Road Bans? Well, according to the Fort St. John Employment Guide Road Bans come on during Spring Break-up.
"Spring break up is the time of the year when there is a slowdown in the oil and gas industry due to road bans caused by warm weather making it difficult to access work sites. During this time, some companies slow their activities and lay off workers. Break up affects some companies more than others depending on the type of service they provide, the weather, and location of the work site."
Clear as mud?? I know, you pretty much need to walk through the mud and have it build up on the soles of your boots, and when you are walking a few feet above the ground the mud kicks off and you start all over again....all the while maintaining careful balance not to fall into it....or a pot hole, for they are rumoured to have swallowed up people and vehicles whole.