Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend

The gorgeous, sunny, warm Easter weekend is coming to a close, as well as our School District's Spring Break. We had our grandchildren here for a sleep-over and had a lot of fun. Both kids are old enough now to play a good competitive game of Monopoly, which remains my fave game. We updated our old game a couple of years ago, to the Canadian edition with Visa cards instead of the paper money. I admit that I miss counting my paper money and hiding the amount I had in order to use strategic moves to purchase property, houses and hotels.

With this sunny weather almost all of our snow has melted and I saw neighbors outside raking the dirt, grit and garbage off the lawn to allow those welcome new shoots of green grass to push thru the dry, brown layer. And the smell of Spring blowing thru my open windows...Mmmm!!


hippo chick said...

Fay, Visa instead of play money? What will they think of next. I'm with you, I liked my little horde of money.

Jim is anxious to get home to rake his lawn and get his mower ready for the "season". I'm opting for another week here. I think the compromise will be four days. Hey, I'll take what I can get.

Glad you had a good Easter holiday.

~hippo hugs~