Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Pill Turns 50

Since the "Woman's Lib Movement" started women of all ages have experienced the pro's and con's of the dramatic changes that have developed. From there we headed right into the "Sexual Revolution", made possible by the huge success of "The Pill"
The Pill turned pregnancy into a choice, but it weakened marriage, allowing adultery without the risk of pregnancy. In reading this article on I realized the significance of the past 50 years The Pill made it's break through.

Executive Editor of Time Magazine Nancy Gibbs who wrote the story "Love, Sex, Freedom and the Paradox of the Pill" is particularly adept at pointing to the Pill's significance. It "rearranged the furniture of human relations in ways that we've argued about ever since." It was "the first medicine ever designed to be taken regularly by people who were not sick." The Pill became "the means by which women untied their aprons, scooped up their ambitions and marched eagerly into the new age."

National Organization for Women president Terry O'Neill: "There is a straight line between the Pill and the changes in family structure we now see."

After reading the article in it's entirety,it concludes, "As the conversation of the past half-century makes plain, science alone will not resolve questions that reach this deep into our relations with one another."

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