Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sunshine, Lollipops, Rainbows and Everything Wonderful

We're moving thru summer on a super fast ride. It feels almost like there is hardly enough time to catch my breath let alone stop to smell the roses. BUT, it's all good :) I think I'm having the best summer I've had in a long time. Yes, it may have busy times or even stressful moments (you just don't travel without some of that!)I have had many chances to laugh, relax, swim, see amazing thunder storms, watch sunsets, see the moon rise, rarely see a sun-rise cuz I can sleep in, read books, spend time with family...well, you get the picture :)
I've had the opportunity to travel to Ontario with Mom. Mom suffered her stroke in mid-December but has recovered enough to travel with me along to help her. Mom has always enjoyed traveling,however was unable to really go far the last couple years of Dad's Alzheimer. Now that dad has passed away, Mom is raring to go and is a bit frustrated that her body has let her down somewhat. We learned a lot on this first big trip and plan to make more, now that I know what conditions need to be in place before leaving home.
Summer is the best season here in Northern BC, so I wanted to be home to enjoy it. I know the hot, dry weather hasn't been the best for the farmers, but I have enjoyed all the sunshine and day after day of dry weather.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Back from a long vacation....

....I certainly did not intend to be away for SO long, but somehow my days were full with all sorts of activities and although I've been home except for a three week trip to Ontario with Mom, Blogging has taken a back seat.
Now I'm back feeling refreshed :) I will share all the fun facts over the next little while. For now I just want to say a big HI to my Blogger friends :)