Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Late Night Muse

It's late....I'm back and feet hurt even as I sit here. I'm watching Hoarders and am SO grateful for my cozy-clean-organized-slightly dusty-crumbs shuffled under the the counter from baking this aft-home.
I'm feeling a bit sad cuz after doing some grocery shopping, I cooked up a large Shepherd's Pie and a slow-cooker full of Chili and baked up a Coffee-Sheet square and pumpkin/Orange squares to take over to a gal who is going thru grief and hell after hearing her Sister was killed violently. It's overwhelming, incredibly sad and angers me that someone as wonderful as this gal has to cope with the evil of a sick psycho. All I need to do is take Tylenol to help ease the pain in my friend will need more than that. I can pray, give hugs, take over food. Bless her.
Tomorrow is a new day...Goodnight all :)