Saturday, October 23, 2010

A Month of Transition

October is a good month for me. It seems to hold so many special days....our Anniversary, my Birthday, other family member's Birthdays. Yesterday my niece had her baby girl, making yet another brother a Grandpa. I mentioned to Mom today that the oldest 5 out of us 9 kids are grandparents now. For Mom it was such a special feeling to snuggle and hold yet another great-grandchild...sweet & bitter at the same time, because this was the first great-grandbaby my Dad would not hold. It made Mom sad not to share this experience with Dad...a new addition to our family. But ultimately there is joy that life goes on and we have a reason to celebrate. I think God created in us the need to celebrate the birth of a new baby, whose life is pure and innocent and just beginning, after grieving the loss of a loved one who has lived a full life.
October is also a month of transition. We have the cooling fall days, with trees showing off their glorious coloured leaves. Suddenly a day or two of wind and we walk on those leaves, pungent with earthy perfumes.The air suddenly fills with swirling flakes of snow and our world is transformed from rich colour to the stark glittering white blanket of winter, which reminds me of swirled frosting on a cake. We bravely display the orange of harvested pumpkins, knowing that the first snowfall or two will melt perhaps long enough for children to dress-up and venture from house to house unhindered by bulky coats, boots and mittens for the Treats and not the Tricks :)


Rach said...

This post is beautiful Faye! It really makes the imagination picture every thing you love about October. My heart is sad that Dad misses out on this first grandbaby too, but I think he had time in heaven with her before her soul entered her little body. At least I'd like to think of it in that way. And I know how much family means to Mom and how much each new baby is so loved by her. She truly deserves all the love she gets in return now. :)