Sunday, November 28, 2010

"A Thousand Villages"

A very pretty lazy, soft snow fell last evening and part of today, leaving just a thin new layer to cover the dirty slush-covered curb sides. I just stood by the window last night and watched the snow drift thru the orangy hew of the street light...there was just something so peaceful about it.
This morning, getting ready to drive over to over to where Hubby works, while I brushed the fluffy snow from the car, Hubby shoveled the sidewalk and driveway. We did a bit of shopping at the "A Thousand Villages" that had set up in the empty store space located next door to where Hubby works. They were there just for this weekend and Christmas shoppers flocked into the store in crowds! The unique merchandise is appealing and I love the fact that when you buy Christmas gifts there, you are supporting Third World people struggling to support their families. We are so blessed here in Canada, that even on a tight budget, most of us can celebrate Christmas with more than millions of homes in those Countries. I am reminded that Christmas is about SO much more than gifts.


Mz.Elle said...

I love those places!
When I was at Granville Island last month,we popped in and I was floored by all the amazing gift items. Beautiful cause as well:)