Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wade through the Water....

It's almost April and here in Northern BC we're seeing signs of Spring....finally!! One sure sign is the endless mud and dirt everywhere! The road bans go up and even paved streets are covered with the grit of sand spread over icy, snowy streets of winter.
Of course, we have great "car washes" to drive through to help rid our vehicles of the worst of the caked on mud...not bad. The best puddles are the ones in the Mall and Walmart parking Hubby used to drive back and forth through those "lakes" before heading for the car wash to use the power wand to get the really tough mud off. One huge problem though, which I discovered yesterday.....where to park so you don't have to wade through the "lake" to get to the store???!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Can Resist?

Unconditional love?? Well, I'm sure Mitzi our cat loves me, but I'll just say this right up front.....she sure can pout and give a cold shoulder when she feels like you haven't made her a priority....but I forgive her because she brings such laughter, love and companionship to our home. It took almost a year after rescuing her, for her to really settle in and show us love in return. Now she'll hop onto our lap when it's her own idea to cuddle, but my does she want to be the center of attention when it suits her and she feels neglected. Just coming home after being away for an afternoon can bring out her vocal side and she'll meow and meow until you give her some loving and then she's content to just snoop through bags brought in or boots taken off to see if maybe you brought home a treat. Oh the simple pleasure a furry cat can bring to our life :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

This is the 1st day of Spring...right??

Well, the calendar says it's Spring, but up here in North-Eastern BC it is far from that!! We got a fair amount of fresh snow fall yesterday and through-out the night and it is still lightly falling. I hear that in other parts of BC tender green grass is poking through the winter barren ground and the first flowers of Spring are growing their way up to display their glorious blooms. Our school kids have started their Spring Break but as usual,unless they can fly away to warmer destinations, they'll have to entertain themselves with skiing, skating, sledding or just plan indoor things.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Colours

Just a little fore taste of Spring, which is supposed to arrive next week. Here are some lovely colours to cheer up our day :) Hope these make you smile.

All Decorated for Spring


Hand Bags

Sole Shebang

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Niagara Falls!

My poor feet have just been in such bad shape all winter long.....thank goodness I can hide them away in socks. My left leg and foot have once again suffered this winter with Cellulitis (infection) in the lower leg and dry, deeply cracked heels on that foot. SO, I file and scrub my feet regularly. I love to polish my tootsies just to give them a bit of dignity. I brought home a smaller toiletry bag of nail polishes from Mom and landed up throwing them all out except for this OPI polish, the colour Niagara Falls. How fitting that Mom choose this colour.....I LOVE it!!

Thanks Mom for my pretty toes :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Unexpected Twist.....

On January 1st, I mentioned that I'm hoping for a better 2011 than 2010 was. Little did I know that this would become another year of deep sorrow. On February 13th, the morning after the one year Anniversary of Dad's death, Mom would have another major stroke, putting her into an unresponsive state and then on the 15th she'd slip into Heaven to join Dad. I feel so lost without her here! In the past year Mom & I had grown so close, with my role expanding to personal care giver. Mom did move from the hospital into the Care Home, however as she got stronger and re-bounded from the stroke of Dec. 2009, I accompanied her traveling, as well as helped Mom with shopping, learning to use her computer, etc.
Once again us 9 kids gathered and honored Mom at a Memorial Service. Now we all need to try to get on with our lives without any parents, which is making us feel rather like Orphans now. Another year filled with "firsts".