Sunday, March 13, 2011

An Unexpected Twist.....

On January 1st, I mentioned that I'm hoping for a better 2011 than 2010 was. Little did I know that this would become another year of deep sorrow. On February 13th, the morning after the one year Anniversary of Dad's death, Mom would have another major stroke, putting her into an unresponsive state and then on the 15th she'd slip into Heaven to join Dad. I feel so lost without her here! In the past year Mom & I had grown so close, with my role expanding to personal care giver. Mom did move from the hospital into the Care Home, however as she got stronger and re-bounded from the stroke of Dec. 2009, I accompanied her traveling, as well as helped Mom with shopping, learning to use her computer, etc.
Once again us 9 kids gathered and honored Mom at a Memorial Service. Now we all need to try to get on with our lives without any parents, which is making us feel rather like Orphans now. Another year filled with "firsts".


Rach said...

Faye, we are so incredibly lucky to have siblings to help carry this load with us. I love you!