Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who Can Resist?

Unconditional love?? Well, I'm sure Mitzi our cat loves me, but I'll just say this right up front.....she sure can pout and give a cold shoulder when she feels like you haven't made her a priority....but I forgive her because she brings such laughter, love and companionship to our home. It took almost a year after rescuing her, for her to really settle in and show us love in return. Now she'll hop onto our lap when it's her own idea to cuddle, but my does she want to be the center of attention when it suits her and she feels neglected. Just coming home after being away for an afternoon can bring out her vocal side and she'll meow and meow until you give her some loving and then she's content to just snoop through bags brought in or boots taken off to see if maybe you brought home a treat. Oh the simple pleasure a furry cat can bring to our life :)