Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Can We be Proud of this Record-Breaker???

Here in North-Eastern BC Spring was pretty much a given. Temperatures were far milder, snow was melting, huge puddles could be found all over the place, mud was caked like scaly skin on trucks, Oil patch workers were rejoicing with much-needed time off. AND THEN....
45 year old FSJ snowfall record shattered

Dwight Ford

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A 45 year old snowfall record fell yesterday in Fort St. John as the local airport recorded 11.2 centimeters of snow.
According to Environment Canada that was nearly four times the previous April 11th record amount of 3 centimeters set in 1966.
The local area precipitation record for the date was also surpassed with 11.2 millimeters recorded at the airport, nearly double the previous mark of 6.2 set in 2005.
However, neither of yesterday's totals came close to the one day April records for the area.
They are 28.2 centimeters of snow, set on the 14th of the month in 2002 and 28.9 millimeters of precipitation, set on the 22nd in 1994.
Yesterday's snowfall total did however, surpass the monthly average of 10.6 centimeters and the precipitation total is nearly 60 percent of the April norm less than half way through the month.
The local area precipitation average for the first four months of the year is 88 millimeters, and with 19 days left in April we've already recorded 132.

Need I say More??


hippo chick said...

Oh Faye, I hope this is th end of it. Please pray for my dear friends at home whose son-in-law was killed in a tragic constructiom accident yesterday. You know their pain. I am so heartbroken for the family...two young adult daughters and Mom.
~hippo hugs~