Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hockey, Stanley and Tim....

Who started this mad competition for hockey teams to play off for?? Lord Fredrick Stanley, Sixth Governor General of Canada.

And we here in Canada, and even more so in BC are enthralled with watching the puck get whacked back and forth across the ice and then go crazy when it makes it's way into the Bruin's goal. Most Canadians are cheering for our Canucks Team to win the Stanley Cup Final and keep the trophy cup in our beloved country.

One of our true Canadian businesses is helping us celebrate our National favorite pass time....Tim Hortons.
Since Tim Horton was himself a player of our distinguished sport, it only make sense that the coffee shops that are his name sake, create donuts to honor the accomplishment of the Canuck team in the final play-offs. So, let me present:

The Luongo John
The Canuck-a-dip
Go out and have a donut and show your support :)