Monday, June 27, 2011

Mopping Up

We have just come thru an extremely wet time for North-East BC. We have broken records held since 1938, but personally I can think of far noble records to break....but this is not about our accomplishments but rather of something totally out of our control!!
Our local news tells us all about it:
"According to Environment Canada numbers, two records that stood for more than 70 years were broken in the rainstorm at the end of last week.

The three day totals ending on Saturday show Fort St. John received 114.9 millimeters, including daily record totals of 37.1 on Friday, and 57 on Saturday.

The Friday total, pushed the monthly total, to 118.4 millimeters, breaking the previous 1936 June record of 110.5...and it was more than 12 times the June total in the 2010 drought year.

Meantime, the month-to-date total is now unofficially up to 176.4 millimeters, smashing the all-time one month record of 145.5 established in July of 1939.

Despite all that, latest reports indicate Chetwynd and Hudson's Hope were the hardest hit communities recording three day totals of 128.5 and 126.2 millimeters respectively."


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I hope your weather improves! It always seems like you have too much rain...or you're in a drought! ♥