Wednesday, June 1, 2011

We Are Beautiful

I stole this from my Sister because I believe this is SO true fro all us gals.She found this article in her journey.

We are beautiful women who have no idea we are beautiful. We stand in front of the mirror and tear ourselves apart, going over every seeming imperfection, every flaw, every bit of evidence that we are not as we were once so long ago.

This is insanity.

In five years, we will salivate for this skin. In ten years, we will have nothing but respect for this ass. In twenty, we won't care about any of it--scanning our pictures instead for signs in our eyes that we were present and willing to be honest and real and incredibly brave, no matter what the state of our abs.

We are aging, every one of us, everyday, all the time. This body will not stay. It will morph and change. It will get weaker, and yes, it will die. And until that moment, this body will house the very essence of us. This body will play host to all our hopes and fears, our most true and alive moments. This body will hold every second of our existence on this planet, and it will remember down to the cells everything that made us laugh and cry.

Today, get out your big camera, your phone or your point and shoot and honor your body. Your perfection (or lack thereof) is not the point. What matters is that you turn your gaze on what is holding you together right now. What matters is that you love and cherish the essence of who you are before it's too late.


Laeli said...

Oh Faye, that is so beautiful.