Saturday, July 30, 2011

August Long Weekend

In order for our Province to have a long weekend in each summer months, our August long weekend falls on the first Monday of the month, called BC Day. It`s hard to believe that July is just about over and we`ll move into a new month. We have had so much rain and chilly weather that I for one don`t feel like it`s even summer yet. Temps here haven`t gone above 23c, nor have even hit much over 18c lately!! It`s rather sad! I guess we can still hope for a hot month of August. I`d be happy with just a few weeks of 25c-30c....not asking for much.

In the meantime, one thing that is growing in abundance this year are the raspberries. Each juicy berry is a little taste of nature`s goodness :)


LaelShine said...

We hit 28C was alright. It doesn't feel that hot here for some reason.
Those raspberries have got me thinking about all sorts of desserts:)

Faye said...

We have certainly enjoyed them! I even served them up with cottage cheese for lunch...yum-yum!!

Dagmar said...

Hi Faye,
Summer here in the OKanagan valley has been elusive as well...if it is hot then it is really windy! but the tree fruits are ripening and as you say the raspberries are amazing!!
Thanks for all the kind comments on my blog..I miss her madly as they left this morning..made it back safely to Port Coquitlam!