Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flash Flood

I was out driving this aft and my poor little car was as overwhelmed by this flooding as the one in this photo.

Our local News Source had this to say about our freaky weather this aft:

"Rain: Open Thursday-Sunday 4am through whenever Mother Nature wants to quit and, unfortunately, this weekend she has no plans to quit pouring rain over parts of the Peace Region.

More of this unseasonably wet weather is expected tonight throughout the Peace with an additional 5-10mm for Saturday. On Sunday, showers are expected but no heavy rainfall IS forecasted...Fingers crossed.

The heavy rain wasn't forecasted and hit just before 5 pm this evening flooding parking lots, vehicles and stranding people on streets as some rush to their cars."

Can all this be blamed on Global Warming??


Dagmar said...

Hi Faye,
We keep hoping for summer here in the OK as well but we aren't in the tough situation that you have up north...we are so hoping that the sun will shine for you and that the waters will recede soon!
Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!