Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Good Will Gone Bad!!

With all the Natural disasters that our world has experienced this year, we are familiar for the call to dig deep into our pockets and hearts to send Relief to those left devastated emotionally and financially in the aftermath. As a Canadian, I am proud when we can rally together and give SO generously, especially to our fellow Canadians!! I don't know about any of you, but this is CLEARLY a sickening story that makes me ashamed of our Canadian Government!! To think of all the money sent out of this country to help Relief Organizations and then to treat fellow Canadians in this manner is truly appalling!!
In this excerpt of the article run in the Canadian Press Melissa Gunning tells part of her story:

CALGARY - A heartbroken Calgary business woman admitted Wednesday that it was clothing, bedding and toys she had gathered for wildfire victims that ended up in a city landfill.

Melissa Gunning said her eco-friendly baby container business, Wean Green, started collecting items after a friend lost her home in May to the raging wildfire that destroyed a good portion of Slave Lake, Alta.

She said the public's response was overwhelming. She sent two semi-trailer loads of donated goods to Slave Lake, but when the community indicated it didn't need anymore items, she was stuck with two large storage lockers full of donations.

"It was Paul Nielsen, owner of DumpRunner Waste Systems, who spotted the donations, clearly marked for Slave Lake, in the landfill. There appeared to be a truckload worth of boxes — video games, children's clothing still on the store hangers, a crib, coats and new blankets.

"This just shook me to the core because it wasn't Uncle Bob's golf pants from the 1970's. These were random acts of kindness all packaged up and it was just thrown in the landfill. Something went horribly wrong with this distribution," Nielsen said."

So what can we do about this?? Well, I really don't have the answer to that except to make this story known. I am hoping that by this story getting to the public that it creates enough of a buzz for the public to have the opportunity to react and come up with proactive ideas so this will not happen again.


Laeli said...

I heard about that! So much waste in this side of the world..