Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I really love poached or basted eggs!! I never did get an egg poacher with my cookware set. Last week I went on a shopping mission to find one, but in this town with limited kitchen supply stores, I turned up with zero results. I did however find this cute little set in Walmart...a mini section with mini StarFrit pans. They look like they are made for a child's play kitchen, but, works perfectly, so who am I to argue :)

Cooking for one has never been so easy with the mini cookware collection by Starfrit !
For frying an egg or warming gravy, cooking individual portions is a breeze. Our mini cookware heats up faster and gives you the benefit of even cooking. Each piece is made of aluminum with an easy to clean non-stick surface. The riveted silicone handle stays cool and is comfortable on hand.


LaelShine said...

Its funny, I was JUST thinking of picking somehting like that up. We are poached/basted egg buddies:)