Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Strange, cloudy, stormy, wet Weather we have....

Thank goodness we never have extreme weather like Irene come to our part of the country, however we have so much unsettled weather this summer as well. Yesterday afternoon a wicked thunder storm rolled in, carrying with it hail that pounded down on our roof and lingered far into the night.....making it very chilly out there.

For the first time this summer I had to run the car for a bit to clear the fogged up windows, last night before I could pull out of my girlfriend's driveway.
Strange, cloudy, wet weather!!


Laeli said...

It was cool here today, cloudy and a few rain drops here and there. Booo! I like hearing about your weather because it often slips down to us too. We didn't get a cool storm tho,jealous!