Saturday, September 3, 2011

Moving things around

When we moved into this home, my hubby worked in the Oil field industry and would get MAJOR dirty and muddy!! My plan was to use the back entrance for him to come into which is also our laundry room. The hat-rack/bench we had in the condo we moved out of was so handy here to keep all hubby's work clothes and coveralls so they could go straight from the dryer into the bench. Good plan right?? Well, we discovered it was far too much work to dig a path in the snow to go to the back entrance, so it never got used. The bench became a convenient spot to hold recycling bins and cat food and litter. I never used the storage in the bench....what a wasted piece of furniture! Unfortunately I thought that it just wouldn't fit anywhere else and it was too bulky for the spots it was intended for. Today, after tossing ideas around and trying to find a new spot where it could be used, we decided that if it just didn't fit anywhere and was too crowded in the final spot it would fit in our living-room, then it had to be sold. Here is the new place for it and I think I may just like it there after all!!


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Laeli said...

Wow, that fits in there nicely!