Thursday, March 7, 2013

And this is Life...

You know, I don't get too tired of having Hubby around...unless he's off work for a couple months like he was Nov./Dec.! But with him gone for 2 weeks and home for 1....well it makes the time spent together for that week very precious. I think the actual missing him when he's away has been a good thing for me...for now anyhow.
Today we had a Doc's appointment together...well Hubby had a Driver's Medical Exam that he has to have to keep his Class 1(semi-trucks) license with Air(brakes) and I had a follow-up for the Lab work and ECG as well as pain management(osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia). SO...Doc prescribed a stronger pain med and a new Insulin. Turns out everything is great but my blood sugar levels...they have been all over the place, so I need to work with that.
So there you have it....Hubby is perfectly healthy and I have a long list of chronic illnesses...ugh!!