Friday, March 15, 2013

March toward Spring!

The snow that was predicted did show up and covers the world with a sugary, glittery blanket of pureness. Not a lot of snow dropped however it was enough to make the world look pure and beautiful again. As much as I am waiting very impatiently for Spring, it is a very messy, dirty Season. As the snow melts into slush the gravel that is used on the streets and highway when it's slippery, mixes with the slush to make everything filthy. It gets splashed up onto vehicles driving through what appear to be lakes!!
Next week starts Spring Break for all the school kids. In our School District the Break is for two weeks, which includes the Easter long weekend. Many people take some vacation time, while others struggle to arrange child care for two weeks. I have taken the opportunity to have my grandkids come visit during their break.