Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Amazing Race

I enjoy watching TV. Recently we canceled our cable when I discovered that all the shows I enjoy I can watch, no use in paying for cable and Internet. I have also discovered British and Australian TV shows. I'm set!!
Along with TV show, I also enjoy a few Reality TV shows. The Amazing Race is one of them. The last time our Grand-daughter was here she mentioned that she likes that show as well. When I heard that I decided to buy the Game off the local auction sight. yesterday we played it. Such fun!! The game has a DVD you play, with Phil narrating it and you inter-act with him on a board. The age recommended for the game is teen to adult and Kaylie is only 11 years-old, but SO clever!! She managed it very well...and let me tell you, you learn a lot about the different countries you fly to. I highly recommend the game. Great for 2 people or more by forming up to 4 teams.


Laeli said...

I love The Amazing Race too! the game looks great.
So, my husband would survive without his TV if he had the internet? I'll be sure to tell him. I've been trying to get rid of cable for yeeeeears.