Thursday, April 4, 2013


                                                             Julianna Willeboordse
                                                    August 28, 1923 to April 1, 2013

We have moved into the month of April. April 1st coincided with Easter Monday this year and the end to the long weekend. As we were hanging out enjoying a quiet evening Hubby's cell rang. His Mom had passed away. She had really been declining the last year....going from a mentally clear, intelligent woman into full dementia at the end. The last time Hubby saw her, she did not recognize him and became very agitated  when he hung around her and was his charming self. She was a wonderful woman and drew me into her heart completely. Hubby was her only child so having a daughter and our three boys added to the family made her so happy! She survived World War 11, finally fleeing the Russian and Nazi invasion, leaving her parents and home in Hungary. It was a terrifying time for her. She landed up in a Refugee camp in France and then climbed aboard a ship to the only country left with open borders, Venezuela. She already spoke Hungarian and German and quickly learned Spanish and English to survive in her new Country. She got a job at Shell Oil and that's where she met her Husband. Not wanting to get married in a Catholic church, they went to Panama City to get married in a Protestant Church. After 10 years my Hubby finally joined the family and sadly they could have no other children. Hubby spent his first 12 years in Venezuela before Immigrating to Canada.
Canada was good to Mom and she was well looked after in her retirement years, having the foresight to secure an Apartment in a Senior's Manor and later spending her last years in a Retirement Center after the death of her husband. She lived to be 89 1/2 years old....not a bad life :)
Rest in Peace mom and we look forward to seeing you again with all our other loved ones!