Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Snow

I just poured myself a steaming cup of tea and have the lights on low, creating a warm ambiance...unlike the scene that's happening outside! The Calendar says April...quotes, poems and Authors write about this month using words like, "showers, gardening, planting, blooms". In this northern town, so far this month none of those words apply!
Yesterday afternoon the wind kicked up and snow started falling, driving the snow horizontal. Brrr! Road conditions were slippery and visibility was almost nil. This carried on through the night and this morning but this afternoon the sun came out for a brilliant ending to the day.
Spring???....not so much!!


Vidisha said... my town the month is just like "showers, gardening, planting, blooms" :) snow no way!
but great going with the tea ... enjoy :)