Monday, April 22, 2013


It is a very lovely Spring day....the sun has been shining brilliantly and the temp is mild. Most of the snow has melted away with streams running down the streets.

Went grocery shopping today. I first go on line and print out a groc. list. Both Safeway and Soby's has that feature and that way I can plan on what to buy to get the most Airmiles possible with the things I need. I happily added just shy of 400 AM again!!

So with that done and it all put away I could make a late lunch. There was yummy smoked beef sandwich meat on sale so I made sandwiches and added a cold glass of buttermilk...Mmmmm!!

George has a one-day course on Fri. so I'm going along with him to Edmonton that day. The weather isn't supposed to be nice, but we're leaving Thurs. and then driving home right after the course on Fri. That should be over by 4:30pm. Makes for a long trip and long day Fri., but then G doesn't have to be back in Edmonton again until the following week. I plan on doing a bit of snooping and shopping around. I want to go into Ikea and the Super Walmart.