Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We have searched out many of the parks in the city and have come to the conclusion that is is really only one we really love to go back to over and over. A lot of the parks are either Sport Parks or children's parks. The one we love has, among other things, lots of picnic tables, grassy areas, a walking trail and river side areas. I love to sit and watch water rushing by. There is something do peaceful about it and the cry of seagulls flying overhead as well as birds chirping to each other from the tree branches. The new leaves have literally been bursting in trees and shrubs and Spring is here to stay :)
On Sunday is Mother's Day and we've been invited to Bernie & Janice Kiers' place for a BBQ. It'll be so nice to visit with a couple we've known for years and haven't had the opportunity to visit for many years.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


Here we are sitting in a very comfortable King Suite in a lovely home and clean neighbourhood in Edmonton, Alberta. We came a week ago as well. You see, Hubby is taking his NCSO course, which takes up almost all of May and then a few days the beginning of June. On the drive here today Hubby mentioned he's really looking forward to this course. He truly loves having his brain challenged and it's so wonderful that, after all the effort it took to find accommodations, that we can be here together. It's sort of like a vacation, although the daytime hours will be filled for Hubby. We will be here over the May long weekend and plan to so some serious exploring.I'm going to do some research while he's in class, to find some places we'd be interested in seeing or visiting. Also, with the weather suddenly turned into summer temps, we'd love to take our supper out to the park and enjoy the lovely warm evenings.
Anyways....lots of plans!!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Warm Weather

I was visiting a girlfriend the other night and the all-important subject of weather came up. She pointed out to me that our first snowfall last fall was the 3rd of October and our last snowfall was the very end of April...that makes for just shy of 7 whole months of winter....NO wonder we feel like we need to see Spring happenin'.
We're like frisky lambs in this gorgeous sunshine!! Went out to Kevin's and Colin's places and enjoyed the fresh country air! There is life in the trees and shrubs and Jodie is in heaven working in her greenhouse :) Now I need to process laundry and pack!!