Wednesday, May 8, 2013


We have searched out many of the parks in the city and have come to the conclusion that is is really only one we really love to go back to over and over. A lot of the parks are either Sport Parks or children's parks. The one we love has, among other things, lots of picnic tables, grassy areas, a walking trail and river side areas. I love to sit and watch water rushing by. There is something do peaceful about it and the cry of seagulls flying overhead as well as birds chirping to each other from the tree branches. The new leaves have literally been bursting in trees and shrubs and Spring is here to stay :)
On Sunday is Mother's Day and we've been invited to Bernie & Janice Kiers' place for a BBQ. It'll be so nice to visit with a couple we've known for years and haven't had the opportunity to visit for many years.